Alessandra Petrelli Traduzioni

Ogni traduzione è un'opera creativa

My name is Alessandra Petrelli and I’ve been working as a literary translator for more than 20 years, translating novels and essays on various topics from English and German to Italian.

I was born and I studied in Italian translator Alessandra PetrelliMilan, where I first entered the publishing world. I also worked in a publishing house for some time. That way I got an inside and direct knowledge of the steps that transform a manuscript into a book.

For me translating is a passion, a way to transmit to the Italian readers the emotions and the spirit of the original work. I think that every book has got an inner pattern that has to be discovered and that makes the translation much easier. That’s exactly what I try to do, in order to create a translation as faithful as possibile.

I cooperate with some Italian publishers, but I’m always looking for new opportunities to enlarge my stock of knowledge. Therefore feel free to contact me for questions and proposals.