The poisonwood bible - Barbara Kingsolver


My name is Alessandra Petrelli and I’ve been working as a literary translator for more than 30 years, translating novels and essays on various topics from English and German to Italian.

I was born and I studied in Italian translator Alessandra PetrelliMilan, where I first entered the publishing world. I also worked in a publishing house for some time. That way I got an inside and direct knowledge of the steps that transform a manuscript into a book.

For me translating is a passion, a way to transmit to the Italian readers the emotions and the spirit of the original work. I think that every book has got an inner pattern that has to be discovered and that makes the translation much easier. That’s exactly what I try to do, in order to create a translation as faithful as possibile.

I cooperate with some Italian publishers, but I’m always looking for new opportunities to enlarge my stock of knowledge. Therefore feel free to contact me for questions and proposals.

Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.

George Steiner